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Arbequina Olives

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We traveled to Spain ourselves to fin the very best olives.  Olives that are slow-cured the traditional way.  Olives grown by family farms, not corporations.  Olives that make you close your eyes and savor the moment.  Finding real food is our life's work.  Sharing it with you is our passion.  We hope these delicious Arbequina olives will transport you to the warm, sunny groves of Andalucia next time you snack.

Origin: Andalucia, Spain

Suggested Serving:  Their firm texture and bright, lightly salty flavor pair best with a glass of wine or beer, served with mixed nuts as an appetizer, added to pasta dishes, or as a side to sandwiches. Makes a killer Bloody Mary. Contains pits. 

Ingredients: olives, water, salt, citric acid

Olives are from a small conventionally farmed family estate. 

Does not contain vinegar.

7.8 oz drained weight


Organic Certification

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