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Greek and Spanish Olive Medley

Greek and Spanish Olive Medley

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This is a great way to try our Greek and Spanish olives together in a light brine:

- For four generations, a single family in Greece has cultivated these rare koutsourelia olives, still picking them by hand to ensure perfect ripeness and no bruising. 

- The Spanish gordal olives are jumbo sized with a delicate flavor and meaty texture that will make you see the beauty of tapas culture. 

- Slow-cured the traditional way is a hallmark of the arbequina olives.

All together for your tastebuds to enjoy.


Origin: Andalucia, Spain and Sparta, Greece

Suggested Serving: Appetizer, Salads, Pasta, Pizza, Tapenades, or a healthy snack

Ingredients: Spanish gordal olives, Spanish arbequina olives, Greek kalamata olives, brine, spring water, sea salt, dried chilis, organic olive oil, citric acid