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Why Healthy Harvest?

It's Personal.

We are a foodie family searching for the best organic olive oils in the world. We source directly from small single estates and visit them in person to ensure premium quality and sustainable growing practices.

Then, we send samples from each year's harvest to an independent lab who certifies our oils are 100% REAL extra virgin quality and high in healthful polyphenols.

Whether you like a light, buttery flavor for every day cooking, or a robust Italian oil with a powerful punch of  anti-inflammatory antioxidants, we have the perfect olive oil just for you.

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LOVE this stuff! 😀 I felt a difference after my 1st dose. Thank you so much for sending me. Has really helped with my arthritis..especially my hands and a pain in my elbow that has totally gone away..after weeks of suffering. Even suggested to my brother and he's going to order. Thank you again.

Gail G.

When I tasted your True Tuscan olive oil at the Treasure Tables event in Estes Park in October 2018, I was astonished at the taste! I’m a devoted home cook with a little professional training and I could tell your product was extremely high quality. I bought three bottles on the spot.

Maryann K

I have tried many organic products over the years. This oil surpasses anything I have tried on my face. It is gentle, sinks readily into my aging skin and feels so nourishing. After a few weeks, it has already evened out the winter redness on on my cheeks. My husband now uses it also.

Padma W.

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