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What makes Healthy Harvest olive oil different than what I find in stores?

Do a quick google search on fraud in the olive oil industry and you’ll find that most olive oil sold in stores, although labeled extra virgin, is actually virgin (processed using high heat or chemicals) or cut and blended with refined oils such as canola, corn, or soybean.

Where does your olive oil come from?

Our olive oils are raw, unfiltered extra virgin olive oils.  They come from an organic single estate farm in Italy (True Tuscan) with over a 213 year history and an organic single estate farm in Greece (Olea Estates) with  a 160-year-old history.  Additionally we offer Healthy Harvest Greek, another Greek EVOO from the local co-op in Sparta.  Healthy Harvest Greek is perfect for daily use.

All our EVOO’s are first cold pressed.

How do I know it’s pure extra virgin olive oil?

We provide independent chemist reports, which are conducted yearly.  Our olive oil is such high quality we also guarantee it will not go rancid for a minimum of 3 years.

How long will the olives and oil last?

Our olive oil is so pure we guarantee it will not go rancid for a minimum of 3 years. Our olives are traditionally brined and fermented foods that will keep 2 to 3 years with or without refrigeration.

Can I heat Healthy Harvest olive oil?

Yes!  Millions of people cook with EVOO daily. Pure extra virgin olive oil has a smoke point of 410 degrees.  Cold consumption is always more healthy with any oil; however, a study conducted by the Olive Oil Times website in 2014 discovered that the vitamins in quality EVOO were not damaged even when the oil was heated to 350 degrees for 24 hours.

We cook every day with our olive oils on low-medium heat, as well as use them raw.

There is a white film on my olives. Is that normal?

Our olives are traditionally brined and fermented foods and require no refrigeration. As unprocessed, raw, fermented foods, both olives contain healthy probiotic bacteria (which you might see as white particles), as well as retaining their digestive enzyme and antioxidant values.

Can I buy Healthy Harvest products in stores? 

At Healthy Harvest, we believe in the power of building personal relationships. While we are not in any grocery stores, you can conveniently order our products online or visit us at one of the many farmers’ markets we attend on the front range weekly. We also keep our prices down by delivering directly to our customers without the added expense of middlemen.

Are Healthy Harvest products available for wholesale?

Please contact Karl at for more information.