Our Story

We build relationships directly with small family farms in Greece, Italy, and Spain to provide REAL, authentic olive oil full of fresh flavor and powerful health benefits. 

Because we source from small single estates, our products are not sold in corporate grocery stores. Instead, we connect with our community at local farmer's markets, partner with small independent retailers, and sell to customers directly online. 

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Our Mission

We are on a mission to consciously create positive change in the world.

We start by sourcing from small organic family farms, not huge industrial operations. Then, we package our products in glass, not plastic, and ask local customer to return their bottles so we can sterilize and reuse them, reducing waste. We pay living wages to our small team and sell our products at farmer's markets which help support local agriculture. And all of our online orders are shipped using recycled or reused materials. With each purchase from Healthy Harvest, you are supporting a more just, regenerative future. 

Our Olive Oil

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We believe small, regenerative agriculture is better for our bodies and for the Earth.

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First Cold Pressed

Our olive oil is pressed without the use of heat or chemicals. This extra virgin quality retains the highest health benefits, along with the best flavor.

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Lab Tested for Purity

We send samples of each year's harvest to an independent lab so you know it meets "extra virgin" standards and has never been adulterated with older or refined oils.

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