Frying in Olive Oil: Healthy or Harmful?

fying in olive oil

Many of us have been led to believe that olive oil should be reserved for salad dressings or for a finishing drizzle over meals. But did you know that not only is it safe to cook with olive oil, it is actually one of the most nutrient-dense, stable fats you can use?

This article from Authority Nutrition links to studies from several credible sources explaining why olive oil is a great choice for cooking, even with higher heat methods like frying.

The article demonstrates extra virgin olive oil

  • is high in monounsaturated fats, which remain stable when heated.
  • is full of antioxidants, which as the name suggests, prevents oxidative damage during cooking.
  • has a smoke point of 375-420 degrees, making it safe to sautee, fry, roast, and more

Olive Oil Times has written many articles on the subject, including a report published in June 2017 on a study from University of the Basque Country in Spain which says that "frying foods in shallow amounts of olive oil for short periods is unlikely to lead to exposure to aldehydes that is in far greater amounts than what the body would normally produce and it does not pose a greater risk than frying with other oils. It has also been suggested that olive oil’s high antioxidant content may even reduce the amount of possibly harmful chemicals produced during heating.

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