UC-Davis finds 86% of Olive Oil in U.S. doesn’t meet Extra Virgin standards

In 2010, the University of California-Davis found that most olive oil in the U.S., despite being labeled as extra virgin, did not meet U.S. or international standards.

Our chemical testing indicated that the samples failed extra virgin standards for reasons that include one or more of the following:

  • oxidation by exposure to elevated temperatures, light, and/or aging;
  • adulteration with cheaper refined olive oil;
  • poor quality oil made from damaged and overripe olives, processing flaws, and/or improper oil storage.

This study indicted brands consumers associate with trust and high quality standards, including Whole Foods and Newman’s Own.

uc-davis report fake olive oil

So people often ask us what brands they CAN trust. Our response? While we can’t attest to the purity of big brand olive oils, our takeaway from this study is that if 86% of corporate brands have misleading labels, perhaps, that’s not who we should getting our food, or at least olive oil, from.

Healthy Harvest’s olive oil is chemically tested at an independent lab to ensure it meets strict international standards and has never been adulterated. We have known the producers, a single family of fourth generation organic farmers in Sparta for over a decade. They still pick the olives by hand to ensure perfect ripeness and no bruising. The olives are then sent to press within one hour, using no heat or chemicals. The result is so pure, we guarantee the oil forever.

Read the original report here.