Why One Olive Oil is Never Enough

After many years studying the finer points of olive oil and several trips to Greece and Italy, our family has come to view olive oil as more than a mere condiment, but rather a revered food group in its own right. 

We have long equated EVOO with wine, teaching marketgoers and friends to appreciate the varietal, the year, and the region where it's produced. It is only natural, then, to suggest that certain olive oils pair better with certain foods. 

A recent article by the Olive oil Times adeptly explains why you should "allow yourself a wide range of olive oil choices, as you allow yourself a variety of drink options."


Giorgos Karitsiotis is quoted in the article as saying “each type of olive oil has a different tasting profile which can be combined with different types of food.” Panos Kloutsiniotis of Ladolea adds that the intensity of olive oils also varies, so our choice of olive oil should depend on “the final taste that we want to give the dish.”

The article also suggests turning to the North American Olive Oil Association for a summary of popular pairings of delicate, medium intensity, and robust extra virgin olive oils with certain milder and more strongly flavored foods, with the intensity of the olive oil typically matching the intensity of the dish. 

Nikos Sakellaropoulos reminds us that having “different types of olive oil allows you to do more, and mainly use the right olive oil for each occasion.” Which one is right will depend on your priorities as well as your preferences: health benefits, organic products, blending flavors, or adding a bold flavor accent when stewing, sautéing, frying, baking, or finishing dishes.

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