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Staying Well Through Winter

Winter is a time for self care. With less light and colder temperatures, our bodies tend to crave hibernation. It is a yin time of year - a time of introspection, yielding, and rest - to balance out the more active sunny season,

Here are our 10 tips to honor yourself while honoring nature's rhythms:

1. Allow yourself to rest.

tips to stay well this winter

Enjoy some calm time to yourself after the bustling holiday season. Whether this means going to bed earlier, taking time to read or journal, or enjoying a long bath. Rest is essential.

2. Stay hydrated.

winter wellness tips from healthy harvest

If you find yourself drinking less water when it's cold out, try drinking herbal tea. Then, you're not only staying hydrated, but you also get the added benefits of the herbs. Try chamomile for a soothing effect. Elderberry, turmeric, ginger, and Greek Shepard's Tea are all time-honored immune boosters. Add lemon for a boost of Vitamin C and help detoxing your body.

3.  Move.

winter wellness tips from healthy harvest colorado

As much as stillness and rest are essential during this time, movement stokes our inner fire, warming and purifying us from the inside out. There are no rules. It can be anything you like - walking the dog, swimming, yoga, dance - just move. 

4. Take a few extra moments to care for dry skin and hair.

restore dry winter skin and nails

It can be easy to neglect dry, brittle face, lips, hands and body. But make no mistake, your skin is your largest organ and caring for it is part of caring for your overall well-being. Start by cutting out the moisture-sapping chemicals and fragrances from your beauty products. Then, shed winter's dullness while feeling ultra pampered with a post-soak hot oil treatment for your hands and hair. Finish your routine with Healthy Harvest's organic herbal skincare for a dewy glow.

5. Stay grounded with root veggies.

eat root veggies for winter wellness

Eating in season connect our body with nature. Incredibly, the earth provides just what our body needs to thrive. Light, water-based vegetables in the summer and dense, hearty veggies in winter. Orange winter veggies like pumpkin and sweet potatoes, and butternut squash are also a great resource of Vitamin C to ward off colds and fatigue.

Recipe: Tuscan Bean Soup with Kale and Butternut Squash

5. Eat antibiotic, antiviral foods

Foods like garlic and oregano are antibacterial and antiviral, helping you to ward off illness all year round. 

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