Using Olive Oil to stay Naturally Healthy and Beautiful

While most of our community here at Healthy Harvest is on board with clean eating and the organic food movement, how many of us are still using household and beauty products filled with chemicals that are harmful to us or the environment?

Olive oil is a natural, safe, affordable alternative way to stay healthy inside and out. Mediterranean women have used olive oil for hundreds, if not thousands, of years for everything from cooking to sunscreen.

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  • My partner has been using your pure, unpasteurized Italian olive oil for just over 3 weeks. I explained it would help his arthritis pain and his digestive tract problems, among other benefits. He is 73 years old.I bought just one bottle to see if he would try to make a regimen of it. I was gratified to learn he would. He wasn’t getting much relief from his prescriptions because he could not take anti inflammatories. He’s been taking 1 tablespoon morning and night. And by the end of the week, he found that his back didn’t hurt upon arising in the morning and his hands and hips felt better. Less anxious too. He is wanting to continue on to see what else the oil will do for him and we have decided to to get the automated shipments. We are both happy and excited about our prospects!

    Deborah Wissman

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