Healthy Harvest Heads to Spain

As creative foodies, we are constantly dreaming up new products, recipes, and ideas. But perhaps even more fun is listening to your requests and being able to deliver. 

For the last several years, hundreds of you have inquired about a fruity Spanish olive oil and Spanish table olives. After many months of research, Amy is heading to visit small farms in Spain this Spring.

Why Spain?


With commercial olive oils, by the time you can buy them in your local supermarket or gourmet store, they're often already over a year old. By then, much of its flavor, its beneficial polyphenols, and antioxidants are significantly degraded.

By contrast, we pride ourselves in sharing the extraordinary flavor of REAL cold pressed extra virgin olive oil that is so fresh, when you open the bottle the aroma of crushed olives fills your kitchen.

Olives are harvested only once per year, so we are turning to different regions to offer the freshest EVOO year round. Greece and Italy pick olives in November and December. However, Spain crushes olives in January and February. Therefore, the oil will arrive at different times, giving you an option to enjoy the incomparable taste of just-pressed oil.


First, you fell in love with our buttery, mild Greek oil. Then, we swooned you with our peppery, robust Italian oil with staggeringly high polyphenols. When searching for a Spanish oil, we tried to complement our current offerings and decided on the delightfully fruity flavor of the Picual olive. We have tried as many as six different EVOOs from each farm we've researched, each one with a distinctly different personality. The bright green Picual oil has a vibrant flavor, with notes of green apple that makes salad and veggies sing. It is known for its high stability, making it ideal for cooking at higher temperatures.

What will we look for?

As we travel the world in search of slow food, we vet the growers and their production methods, so you don't have to. Here is our promise to you:

We source from farms who:

  • grow organic
  • use sustainable practices
  • are small family producers, NOT corporate agribusiness
  • do NOT filter their extra virgin olive oil
  • do NOT adulterate their extra virgin olive oil
  • provide lab reports attesting to their purity and nutrition (we do independent analysis as well)
  • do not use lye or pasteurization to process table olives



  • Hi Bonnie,

    I will see about Stephanie’s recommendations for which oils would be best to add to our soap. In the meantime, try the Citrus Whip Cream Cleanser she formulated for us. It’s ah-mazing on your face and takes off makeup in one swipe. :)

  • Hi! I was just at your Longmont Farmer’s Market this morning. I have read about Stephanie’s website as I was looking for an olive oil bar of soap. What is the possibility of coordinating with Stephanie to make a facial bar of olive oil soap with her wonderful ingredients too?
    Thanks! Bonnie

    Bonnie Balch

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