21 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

how to reduce your carbon footprint earth day

Happy Earth Day! Below we share some ways to be more sustainable without having to make huge life changes. No one's asking you to go off the grid. It's strength in numbers we're going for. Each of our small acts has a greater impact when combined. No act is too small to make a difference.

1. Wash your laundry in cold water and hang clothes out to dry.

Save money and energy at the same time by washing your laundry in cold water. If you have a yard or balcony, put up a clothesline, or use a drying rack for inside spaces.

2. Wear your clothes more than once before you wash them.

This will not only save time and energy, but your clothes will last longer.

3. Buy clothes and products that you love and will last a long time.

Cheaply made items such as clothing often do not include fair wages for the people who made them. Buying things we truly love ensures we get the most use out of them versus throwing goods in the landfill.

4. Use less (or no!) disposable items.

It’s a small change to use cloth napkins and towels instead of paper towels, disposable countertop wipes, and other one-time-use items.

5. Buy in bulk.  

Many things we buy, especially convenience items, come in large amounts of non-recyclable plastic packaging. Save money and buy in bulk. You can then use reusable containers to serve and store in smaller portions

6. Buy organic.

Organic products not only protect your health, but the also protect the health of the environment by avoiding harmful pesticides and chemicals

7. Eat more fresh foods.

Processed foods require energy to run factories, contain chemicals, and added packaging. Eat mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, and take the trash out less.

8. Make your own beauty products.

natural beauty products

Toothpaste and deodorant are easy to make at home with cheap, simple ingredients saving money and avoiding chemicals and disposable packaging.

9. Make your own household cleaners.

Again, a few cheap, simple ingredients can be combined to make almost any cleaner, from countertops to toilets, as well as dish and laundry detergents.

10. Buy local!

Support your community and discourage the costly transportation of goods cross-country.

11. Use public transportation or carpool.

Ok, we know this one’s not always convenient, but when it is, do it!

12. Use thermal curtains.

Save on heating and cooling costs while conserving energy.


healthy harvest colorado

The more we are connected to nature, the more we will want to protect it.

14. Grow your own herbs. 

Add some life to your home and deliciousness to your food! Herbs require little space and little effort.

15. Add an air-purifying plant to your home.

Many of the best air purifying plants are some of the easiest to keep alive! Plus, adding green to your space promotes relaxation.

16. Unplug your phone and laptop chargers.

Did you know these common electronics still use energy even when they’re not in use? Save money and unplug them when you’re not charging.

17. Use reusable grocery bags.

In Boulder, we’ve already banned plastic bags. Hooray! Not only do reusable bags reduce waste, but you can fit loads more in one bag, making for less trips. YES!

18. Repair your leaky faucet.

Even a slow drip really adds up over the course of the year.

19 Ask to borrow items you don’t use very frequently instead buying them new.  

Lawnmowers, leaf blowers and power tools are expensive and take up space. Declutter and save money by borrowing instead.

20. Carry a reusable water bottle.

There are so many places to refill these days. Save money, avoid plastic, and use your own water bottle. 

21. Support companies that share your sustainable values. 

Vote with your dollar. Choosing companies who share your values allows them to continue or expand their efforts while encouraging other companies to jump on the bandwagon.

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