5 Blogs for Aspiring Zero Waste Foodies

5 blogs for aspiring zero waste foodies

The Zero-Waste Chef

the zero waste chef blog

This is probably my FAVORITE zero-waste blog. Anne Marie features gorgeous earthy photos and articles showing how she transitioned from a plastic free kitchen to full zero waste. She shares recipes, challenges, guides to fermentation, and workshops if you want to learn in person.

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Conscious Cooking 

conscious cooking blog

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Christine is a plant-based home cook and health coach. Plus, she's a mom, so she understands the struggle of raising healthy kids on whole foods in a busy world. Follow her blog for recipes and a daily challenge to detox your home from plastic. 

Slow Food Denver

slow food denver blog

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Slow Food USA is a nonprofit organization with local chapters all over the world. They have all types of resources from growing your own food, to improving access to fresh local foods in your community, and frequent Preserve the Harvest workshops that teach you how to prevent food waste using timeless techniques like canning, using the whole plant, and making jams, salsas, and more. 

Going Zero Waste

going zero waste blog

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Kathryn shares tips for anyone from beginners to those looking to make a more drastic change. She shares articles for an entire zero-waste lifestyle, but you know we love the recipes the best!

Rob Greenfield

rob greenfield

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Rob Greenfield was one of my very first inspirations to reduce food waste. I saw videos of him on Facebook standing in FIELDS of perfectly good food he had salvaged from grocery store dumpsters. Since then, he was downsized his life to just a few belongings and travels the country inspiring and educating people on the impact of our consumer lifestyles on the planet. Whether you're looking for simple tips or a lifestyle makeover, Rob's videos will help you out and make you laugh along the way. 

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