How Healthy Harvest Is Working Toward a Healthier Environment

Earth Day may have passed, but for us every day is an opportunity to do better and use less.

Last week, we shared several articles on how you can be more environmentally friendly. This week we wanted to share with you the ways that our company is working to reduce our impact. 

No More Plastic 

In 2016, we switched to glass packaging for our olives. Although the plastic was recyclable, we are absolutely appalled by the devastation plastic is causing our planet. Our glass jars are reusable and recyclable. You can even return them to us to be sanitized and given a longer life!

No More Tins

Both our Single Estate Organic olive oil and Healthy Harvest Greek olive oils come in 64 oz glass growlers rather than the metal cans. The metal cans were neither reusable nor recyclable. Wanting to reduce our landfill waste, we switched to the glass. You can use it at home for water, beer, kombucha, or return it to us for a $2 credit toward your next purchase. 

Recycled Shipping Materials

We reuse shipping materials when sending you products. When don't have material we can reuse, we purchase post-recycled packaging as much as possible. 

Organic Products

We do our best to support small organic farmers, which is better for the soil rather than spraying harmful fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. 

Local Sourcing

We work with local companies on our labels and other materials to reduce the impact of transportation. 

Local Food

Karl has a small vegetable garden that provides much of our food during the summer months. What doesn't come from the garden, we get from local farms. During the growing season, we preserve seasonal veggies using canning, freezing, and other techniques to have fresh, local, package-free food all year long. 

We are constantly looking for new ways to create a healthier planet. Tell us how you think we can do better!