We want you to try our new Handmade Tuscan Olive Oil Soap for FREE!

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Spend $50 on any of our Olive Oil Skincare items and receive a bar of local artisan made soap as a gift. 

What Goes On Your Body Goes IN Your Body

There are over 1400 chemicals banned in the E.U. that are still allowed in U.S. cosmetics and beauty products, and 1-in-5 beauty products is linked to cancer. Keeping that in mind, picture that women use an average of 12-16 products daily with hundreds of ingredients. What does that mean? We're spending billions of dollars a year on chemicals that are useless fillers at best, or in some cases are hormone-disrupting or carcinogenic at worst.

"Attaining healthy, radiant skin does not mean keeping your cabinet overflowing with a vast assortment of bottles and jars. Even many of the top natural brands use 20+ ingredients, each fighting for a noticeable level of effectiveness and increasing the likelihood of allergic reaction," writes Stephanie Tourles, a holistic esthetician and herbalist who has authored several books on the subject. "Purity and simplicity are essential to holistic skincare," she goes on. 

What Makes Healthy Harvest Skincare Unique?

Healthy Harvest Olive Oil Skincare is pure, nourishing skin food. Our products contain NO harmful, damaging ingredients such as phthalates, useless fillers, parabens, alcohol, GMOs, mineral oil, propylene glycol, butylene glycol, triethanolamine, silicone, dimethicone, urea, synthetic fragrance, or colors.

Our formulations each contain less than five ingredients, using a slightly higher concentration of essential oils than most commercial products, yet completely safe. This higher potency ensures that the formulation will be amazingly effective on the skin, and as a bonus, the scent will have soothing aromatherapeutic effects.

Simple Powerful Ingredients

organic olive oil skincarefrankincense wildcrafted botanical skincarefrench lavender organic herbal skincaresandalwood - wildcrafted botanical skincaremyrrh - natural olive oil skincarerose geranium - wildcrafted botanical skincarepalmarosa organic herbal skincareorganic citrus whip facial cleanser (natural)rosemary antioxidant - fresh cosmetics with no synthetic preservatives


 Our Gift To You - Handmade Organic Olive Oil Soap

Limited Time Offer - Spend $50 on Skincare and we'll include a Handmade Olive Oil Soap for FREE. (Offer expires Jan. 31)

We've partnered with Table Mountain Farm in Longmont, CO to bring you small batch handmade organic olive oil soap, made with our silky smooth True Tuscan extra virgin olive oil. This luxurious soap contains only three simple nourishing ingredients and no artificial fragrances, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Its gentle lather and smooth glide are excellent for shaving. Use daily for seriously soft skin.