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Our Family

karl burgart healthy harvest olea olive oil

Karl Burgart, Owner

Karl began organic farming 27 years ago (before it was mainstream), feeding his whole family of five on food from his own land, grown with his own hands. At a market, he met the family who produces our Greek olive oil. Since then, we have sold and searched for unique traditional foods straight from the source and educating people on their health benefits.


amy wansing healthy harvest food blog

Amy, Food Blogger 

Amy is our food blogger at Healthy Harvest. For her, life's pleasures come in the form of working farmer's markets, shopping for healthy, sustainable ingredients from local growers for beautiful farm-to-table meals, and sharing them with others. When she's not geeking out on food, she enjoys teaching and practicing yoga and playing in the mountains -  hiking, skiing, or climbing. 
jon burgart healthy harvest farmers market pro

Jonathan, Farmer's Market Pro

 Jonathan, the youngest in our family, loves to try new recipes in the kitchen. He works for Healthy Harvest while also attending CU-Boulder for Theater and Nutrition. He is adored at the farmer's markets for his cooking inspiration and warm friendliness.