Our Growers

Tuscany, Italy

The estate outside of Florence, Italy near the end of harvest season in December 2017.
The Mari family has noble origins at the Carmignano Castle as a founding family of the Tuscan region. Lorenzo Mari (1766-1824) was a cavalry officer who lead the 1799 anti-French insurrection known as "Viva Maria"; Adriano Mari (1813-1877) was a famous lawyer, Minister of Justice, a Senator and President of the Camera when Florence was capital; Marino Mari (1890-1944), was one of the Florentine leaders against fascism. He was forced to leave active politics and therefore dedicated himself to innovation in agriculture. Now, at 83 years old, Lorenzo's great-grandson, Dr. Marino Mari II, tends the land.
The frantoio olive.
Our True Tuscan extra virgin olive oil is a 50/50 blend of the prestigious Frantoio and Moraiolo varietals. The Frantoio olive is the only varietal native to the Tuscan region, while the Moraiolo is known for its high antioxidant content. The olives are cold-pressed within an hour of picking on an ancient stone wheel, a method which has been used for centuries. Only two still remain in use in the region. The result is an aromatic bright green oil with an exceptionally smooth texture and strong, peppery flavor. It is exceptionally high in polyphenols, the antioxidants that give EVOO its health benefits.
Dr. Mari pressing extra virgin olive oil using one of the last known granite wheel presses in the region.

Sparta, Greece

In 1856, Nikolas Chronis planted a few hundred olive trees in the valley of Sparta. Today, his great-grandsons continue his tradition. They grow koutsourelia olives, an heirloom variety of kalamata. The table olives are traditionally fermented in sea salt without any preservatives or artificial ingredients. The olives pressed for our Single Estate Organic olive oil are certified organic, hand-picked, and cold pressed within one hour of picking. The farm also grows lemons, oranges, grapes, almonds, and veggies for their family. 

We also work with the local cooperative of farmers in Sparta for our Healthy Harvest Greek oil.