Our Mission

It is our mission to show people a path towards optimal health using only natural ingredients that we use ourselves and believe in. That ancient societies and grandmothers have known about for years. That modern science also proves.

The chemical oleocanthal in pure, extra virgin olive oil has been proven to break down and kill cancer cells along with inflammation. Oregano is a potent antibiotic. Wild mountain tea has been known to stop a cold or flu in its tracks. Cooking is seriously one of the easiest ways to prevent almost all diseases. Why are we not all talking about this? Why aren’t we all learning to be our own family doctors? The corporate food system and massive pharmaceutical industry just aren’t working. They steal our health and sell it back to us.

What if, instead, we knew where our food came from? What if we didn’t rely on labels, but rather we built relationships? What if we simply knew the properties of fruits and vegetables and herbs that nature provides us to prevent illness or heal ourselves and our families? (And if we garden, for very cheaply as well.)

By eating whole, organic ingredients, we are interacting with plants and indirectly, the sun, soil, and water. That in itself, begins to reconnect us with nature, and thus, a step closer, to connecting with all living beings as a greater whole. By knowing where these nutritious ingredients comes from, we begin to connect with farmers and small businesspeople in our community, trusting that what we put in our children’s bodies will prevent disease, not contribute to it.

Real food is the cure. Join us on our quest for knowledge, freedom, vitality, and good food.