Body Lotion Bar, Citrus

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Our Body lotion bars are a great way to pamper and moisturize your skin.  They contain nourishing skin-loving oils, and contains a blend of orange and litsea essential oils, which is nice and fragrant.  Our lotion bars are made with only three ingredients: Organic Single Estate Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax and Essential Oils. The beeswax holds the bar together and the olive oil and shea butter provide the moisture for your skin leaving a very smooth finish.


How to use:

Hold the lotion bar in your hands until the bar starts to warm up a little. Spread the bar over rough patches of skin, or anywhere that needs extra moisture. This bar is great for rough patches, cracked or rough hands, feet, and really anywhere where your skin needs a little something extra.


These lotion bars weight about 1.75 oz each in weight with dimensions of about 2.25" in diameter and 1" high.   Lotion bars are solid (so, you can easily travel with them).

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