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Organic Green Garlic Olives

Organic Green Garlic Olives

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Garlic and a touch of Olive Oil elevate our green olives from delicious to out of this world. Ready to eat and perfect for cocktails, appetizers, or gifts.

Our traditional heirloom olives picked two months before full ripeness, brined in lemon juice, sea salt, and spring water, and then soaked in USDA Organic Garlic with a touch of olive oil. Garlic is a potent antibiotic know to give our immune and digestive systems a natural boost, making these antioxidant-rich olives even more craveable. Save the brine for a ready-to-serve salad dressing or marinade.

  • raw, unpasteurized
  • fermented, contains live active cultures
  • low sodium (5.5% sea salt)
  • best if eaten within two to three years of purchase
  • contains pits