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Why I Created Healthy Harvest Facial Oils

Please enjoy this guest post by our dear friend Stephanie Tourles, creator of our silky soft nourishing Olive Essentials Facial Oils. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Stephanie Tourles, and I’m a licensed holistic esthetician, herbalist, certified aromatherapist, and author of 12 books on the subjects of natural skin and body care, … Continue reading "Why I Created Healthy Harvest Facial Oils"

Romantic Essential Oils

Not only do our Essential Facial Oils make you glow, the essential oils formulated by esthetician, herbalist, and aromatherapist Stephanie Tourles, are irresistibly seductive and known for their aphrodisiac effects. Lavender’s floral fragrance is attractive to both sexes, but one study found lavender to be the most arousing smell there is for men. It has … Continue reading "Romantic Essential Oils"

Healthy Harvest Travels: Ketchum, Idaho

For the last three years, we have made the 12-hour drive to Ketchum, Idaho to meet with a local food buying club and give a presentation on the health benefits of pure, extra virgin olive oil. This year, we packed our trailer as full as we could and set out for the Sun Valley of … Continue reading "Healthy Harvest Travels: Ketchum, Idaho"

Don’t miss local, handmade holiday gifts before market season is over

Holiday Season. While some people love the hustle and bustle, more often that not, friends I talk to tend to feel a bit stressed. Stores begin to coerce us to fulfill our duty as consumers just moments after the clock strikes midnight on Halloween. Black Friday asks us to choose between sharing food and gratitude with … Continue reading "Don’t miss local, handmade holiday gifts before market season is over"

You Asked! Organic Facial Oils Coming Soon

We’ve partnered with Stephanie Tourles, an experienced licensed holistic esthetician, certified aromatherapist, herbalist, and best-selling author on the topics of natural, chemical free skin and body care to bring you deeply nourishing, organic, small batch skincare made with therapeutic grade essential oils blended with our organic olive oil. Our Healthy Harvest Skincare products are formulated … Continue reading "You Asked! Organic Facial Oils Coming Soon"