Organic vs Conventional Produce

There are a number of reasons why people choose to eat organic. Some eat organically in hopes of providing better nutrition to their families. Others aim to avoid chemicals and pesticides in their foods. And still others choose organic to protect the soil and the freedom of farmers. But does buying organic really make a … Continue reading "Organic vs Conventional Produce"

Superfood Oatmeal with Berries and Maple

One of my favorite go-to breakfasts in the winter is oatmeal. It’s a warm, filling comfort food that actually gives me energy to use throughout the day. But not just any oatmeal will do. I like to amp mine up with tons of mix-ins and toppings that add flavor and texture and make it even … Continue reading "Superfood Oatmeal with Berries and Maple"

Healthier Resolutions? Eat These Foods to Detoxify

If you’re like us, you probably strive to take better care of yourself and your family year round. But with the holidays behind us, now is as good of time as ever to kick-start healthy habits. And no, that doesn’t mean starving yourself or spending a ton of money on supplements. Just adding a few … Continue reading "Healthier Resolutions? Eat These Foods to Detoxify"

2017: A Mission to Serve

My whole life, my biggest goal has been to help people. From collecting donations and cooking meals for people who are homeless, to teaching cooking classes and shopping tips to low-income families, to raising money and distributing supplies after the earthquake in Nepal last year, my life is most meaningful when serving others. My role … Continue reading "2017: A Mission to Serve"

Make It Easy to Eat Seasonally Pt 2

Earlier we posted about making it easy to eat in season, meaning your ingredients are fresh, full of flavor, and didn’t have to travel across the ocean to get to you. Eating in season goes hand in hand with eating local and supporting the farmers in your own community. But what if you’ve never cooked … Continue reading "Make It Easy to Eat Seasonally Pt 2"

Healthy Harvest Helping Hands

Be Someone That Gives People Faith in Humanity. Join us for two community events in September. Food Fight 2016 September 7th @ 5:30 @ BAC appliance center in Englewood The Scleroderma Foundation – Rocky Mountain Chapter will host the chef competition of the year! Attendees have a chance to judge the chefs from three categories- … Continue reading "Healthy Harvest Helping Hands"

Apartment Gardening

We don’t just talk the talk. At Healthy Harvest, the four of us grow our own food. What could taste better than vibrant greens picked fresh and drizzled with olive oil? Even with a small apartment, we are growing a variety of greens along our building or on the balcony. It doesn’t take much space or … Continue reading "Apartment Gardening"