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Spiced Peach Oatmeal

Sure, those little packages of oatmeal can seem super convenient for weekday breakfasts. But making your own homemade oatmeal from scratch is quick and easy. This healthy breakfast tastes like dessert and a hot meal is always a great start to the day. Ingredients 1/2 cup quick cooking oats 1 ripe peach, diced (I don’t … Continue reading "Spiced Peach Oatmeal"

5 Minute Mediterranean Antioxidant Salad

I have a confession…despite my love of healthy, easy cooking, I’m really no good at writing recipes. In our house, we just throw together ingredients without much care for measuring cups and precise directions. If we need some inspiration, we might look at a few different recipes and then wing it based on our preferences … Continue reading "5 Minute Mediterranean Antioxidant Salad"

Don’t miss local, handmade holiday gifts before market season is over

Holiday Season. While some people love the hustle and bustle, more often that not, friends I talk to tend to feel a bit stressed. Stores begin to coerce us to fulfill our duty as consumers just moments after the clock strikes midnight on Halloween. Black Friday asks us to choose between sharing food and gratitude with … Continue reading "Don’t miss local, handmade holiday gifts before market season is over"

Olive Brine Bread

Our most popular post to date has been our 7 Delicious Ways to Use your Olive Brine, so we couldn’t resist sharing this delicious Olive Brine Bread recipe sent to us by Cissy Bowman at Center Valley Organics. Olive Juice Bread Don’t throw away that olive brine!!! Yields 4 loaves. The basic recipe here is a … Continue reading "Olive Brine Bread"

Baked Sweet Potato Chips with Fresh Guacamole

Baked Sweet Potato Chips with Fresh Guacamole

Do you ever have a craving for potato chips but want something a little bit healthier? Well, there are those root veggie chips in the store, but they are a bit expensive for my price range. I love making my own baked sweet potato chips. While white potatoes are full of nutrients, sweet potatoes are lower …

Coming Soon! Hungarian Sweet Paprika

Exciting news! Our newest product is almost here! With our love of friends and food, we have stumbled across another amazing hard-to-find product we can’t wait to share with you. Soon, we will be carrying high quality sweet paprika made by our family friend’s mother in Szigetvar, Hungary. A delicious addition to eggs, potatoes, chicken, and much … Continue reading "Coming Soon! Hungarian Sweet Paprika"